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Day Spa

  • Day Ticket
    Full Day Entrance.
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    Full Day Spa entrance for Children.
Day Spa


  • BABOR Ultimate Anti Aging Experience
    Enjoy this wonderfully soothing back massage with Vitamin A, C, and E - leaving your skin revitalized and deeply cared. This therapy concludes with the ultimate facial in anti-aging and firming. Sheabutter, Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin E smoothen fine lines and give more elasticity to your skin. The result: a fresh and youthful glow.
  • BABOR Classic Aroma Experience Massage
    This tailor-made full body massage improves the removal of lactic acid and warms the muscles for greater circulation, releases tension and improves suppleness. It combines classic massage techniques along with aromatic oils of different botanical properties. Choose either energizing, relaxing or balancing fragrances and spend your special time in another world.
  • BABOR Complete Recreation Treatment
    An all-embracing treatment incorporating an aromatic full-body massage designed to de-stress both mind and body. Aromatic oils are used to create deep relaxation and to restore body balance. This therapy concludes with an express facial designed for the needs of male skin. It leaves the skin moisturized, nourished and firmed.
  • BABOR Heavenly Balancing Treatment
    A soothing back, neck and shoulder massage with warm oils of macadamia nut and argan oil begins this wonderfully relaxing therapy designed to relieve key areas of tension and muscle tightness. Combined with a facial for stressed and tired skin the result is a relaxed and revitalized skin as well as an overall sense of calm and harmony.
  • BABOR Life Balance Treatment
    A sublime back, neck and shoulder massage with oils of lime and mandarin begins this wonderfully revitalizing therapy designed to relieve key areas of tension and muscle tightness. This therapy concludes with a regenerating and brightening facial.
  • BABOR Relaxed Feet
    Pure relaxation for your feet by soohting compresses and stimulating aromatic oils.
  • BABOR Relaxing & Harmony Massage
    This full body massage with warm oils alleviates muscle fatigue and tension. The aromatic fragrances stimulate all senses and leave your body in a state of absolute well-being. Choose either relaxing, balancing, or energizing fragrances and dive down to a world of calm and harmony.
  • BABOR Romantic Moments for Two
    Escape your everyday worries and experience a luxurious and romantic treatment for two. The Highlight of this treatment is an Aromatic Experience Massage. Warm oils with extracts from lavender are used in a full body massage to alleviate muscle fatigue and tension. Aromatic fragrances stimulate all senses and leave your body in a state of absolute well-being. Afterwards you enjoy a relaxing full body cream pack. In the end we serve you a glass of sparkling champagne/prosecco and fresh fruit. *unfortunately we cannot offer the massage in the same room in all our spa´s
  • BABOR Unique Fitness Signature Treatment
    An ultimate face and body therapy: The treatment begins with an ocean salt and mint oil exfoliation to smoothen the body to perfection followed by a wonderfully relaxing full body massage with warm oils of lavender. Combined with a facial for stressed and tired skin the result is a relaxed and revitalized skin as well as an overall sense of calm and harmony.
  • Blissful back, neck and shoulder Massage
    An express massage using warmed oils focusing purely on the back, neck and shoulders to relieve tension and enhance well-being.
  • Hot Stone Massage
    Heated black basalt stones are used to massage the whole body, releasing deep-rooted tension - ideal for anyone suffering from muscular aches and pains. Working at relieving stress at the deepest level this treatment is designed to work on the body energy channels. This intensive expectional treatment is a holistic and energising therapy for the mind, body and spirit.
  • Sports Massage
    An invigorating massage that works deep into the muscles, helping to relieve aches and pains. Perfect after a day of leisure activities or a hard day at work.


  • BABOR Sensational Eyes
    Designed to enhance, lift and firm your eye area. An eye massage with essences of aloe vera moisturizes and relaxes the complete eye area followed by an eye gel with extracts from Rhodiola rosea to plump up fine lines and firm the sensitive skin around the eyes. The result: the eye area is visibly hydrated and brigthened.
  • BABOR Ampule Crash Cure*
    BABOR ampules operate directly. Always. Because they include high-dose extracts tailored to each skin and each skin condition. Because of their special consistency which allows the skin to immediately absorb the product they operate QUICKLY and EFFECTIVELY. Whether your skin is dry, irritated, pale, flabby, stressed or blemished, you will find immediate help. * only available with facial
  • BABOR Anti-Aging Hyaluron Booster
    Encounter our intensive anti-aging facial that helps to combat the ageing process through Hyaluronic Acid and green micro seaweed. Fine lines are plumped up and your skin regains its elasticity. The result: a fresh and youthful glow. This treatment is a complete and effective remedy for removing the stress of daily life leaving skin firm, smooth and brilliant.
  • BABOR Energy Release Facial
    Ideal for city skin or imbalanced, stressed skin. The power of nature united in a facial with anti-inflammatory, moisturizing and vitalising botanical ingredients. A moisturized, naturally glowing skin provides positive vibes.
  • BABOR SkinovagePX
    A deep relaxing facial treatment with a tailor-made care, developed to firm and brighten your skin. The signs of stress and fatigue become visibly alleviated; the skin looks pampered and nourished. All Skinovage PX products contain two exceptional and innovative ingredients: alpine stem cells and OsmoTec. Choose a calming, balancing, revitalizing or brightening treatment for your skin.
  • BABOR Time Out Express Facial
    A refreshing express face therapy designed for quick results for those on a tight schedule. The skin is brightened and instantly moisturized for a long business day.

Maniküre & Pediküre & Basics

  • BABOR Express Hands
    The perfect treatment for men's strained hands, start with a relaxing hand bath to smooth the skin followed by remodelling the nails into a perfect look. The concluding hand massage with a moisturizing handcream leaves the hands with a nourished, natural glow. Especially for men.
Maniküre & Pediküre & Basics


  • BABOR Complete Body Treatment
    The fine ocean sea salt massages and sweeps away the dead surface skin. With the following cream pack your skin will get an effective care. And this rich care will give you an absolutely wonderful body feeling within your shape. What would you like to experience? Your decision
  • BABOR Sea Salt Oil Peeling
    An express peeling with ocean sea salt and relaxing, energizing, or balancing oil. The perfect preparation for a soothing massage
  • BABOR Shaping Body Treatment
    The special shaping body peeling massages your skin and stimulates the blood circulation. The following massage and cream pack will effectively tighten your skin and alleviate cellulites. This treatment concludes with a firming body cream which shapes your body and gives your skin more elasticity.

Personal Training

  • Personal Training
    Personal Training with a qualified instructor.
Personal Training